From First to Last.

Hello everyone! This is my first post for my new blog ( i hope i can consistent with this one, haha).

Why ‘From First to Last‘? Here’s the story why i choose that Title above.

So, I just got home from Embassy. (Yeah, I know. it’s already 4am, and sorry if i come home very late. :p) I went there to attending my friend, Chirana 22nd Birthday-HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again-haha. And, eventually, Embassy holding they’re last event at the same day. Yes! THE LAST DANCE! The final closing of Embassy Jakarta. (Goodbye Embassy!).
One word come from my mouth when I’ve arrived at Taman Ria Senayan. CROWDED! That’s the first time (and the last) I saw (many) people, (too many!) queue at the entrance of the club.
Yeah, I know, It’s the last event from Embassy. But, come on. Are this supposed to be really important? I saw so many people dying to get in. Believed me, if I haven’t told Chira that I already come. I’ll prefer to back to the car asap, and go home. Haha.

The Last Dance Flyers.

The Last Dance Flyers.

The Club Entrance. Can imagine how crowded it'll be?

The Club Entrance. Can imagine how crowded it'll be?

bye-bye embassy!

bye-bye embassy!

From home, my plan was I coming there to countdown Chira’s Birthday, then go home. But the plan didn’t exactly worked. I’ve finally getting in at 12.30am (absolutely after countdown). After a little chit-chat with Chira, Me and Deden (oh ya, btw. I’m going there with Deden :) ) going nearby dance floor to meet our bebeb ‘Ryann’ who’s coming down from Bandung to Jakarta just to attending that event (gosh!). Ah, the clock ticked very fast, suddenly it’s almost 1.30am, Oh, I guess it’s time to go home, cause me and Deden can’t be there any longer. So, I’m saying sorry to Sasha, Rae, Tino and other friends. Can’t hang with you guys today, maybe later. :)
And now, I’ve already at home, looking to my iMac, writing this post. But, my eye’s already closing. I’m feeling sleepy and tired. I guess, this is it. the ending of my first post.

Okay, so, already got my point why’d i choose that Title? This is my first post, but the story is about The Last Dance. Ironic huh?

I’m off to sleep. Bye-bye!

*wait for my next post. It’ll be more interesting, more funnier, more more more and more everything! haha

One Response to “From First to Last.”
  1. micha says:

    oh lo dtg last dance yaa? haha tenang aja jg sih yaa hrsnya org2, kan katanya msh bakal ada acara2 yg mengatasnamakan embassy club jd embassy will not totally disappear laaah.. hppy bday for your friend. cup cup

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